Event Schedule


★ Thursday, 17th October ★

04:00pm – 05:05pm Welcome, Competitions & Giveaways at the main Stage
05:05pm – 05:20pm Mascot Show
05:20pm – 06:00pm Supernovas – Movie tunes & Rock n Roll classics
06:05pm – 06:20pm Pre-movie Medley -Pokemon Ending
06:20pm – 06:25pm Competitions & Giveaways
06:30pm – 08:20pm Movie: Pokémon Detective Pikachu
08:25pm -09:00pm Supernovas – Movie tunes & Rock n Roll classics
09:00pm – 11:15pm Movie: Aladdin
11:15pm – 11:30am Competitions & Giveaways
11:30pm – 12:00am DJ

★ Friday, 18th October ★

04:00pm – 04:21pm Welcome, Competitions & Giveaways
04:21pm – 04:25pm Shark Song Performance
04:25pm – 04:35pm Hula Hoop Race
04:35pm – 05:16pm International West End performing The Greatest Showman Hits
05:16pm – 05:35pm Competitions and Giveaways
05:35pm – 5:55pm International West End performing Moana Hits
06:00pm – 07:36pm Movie: Moana
07:36pm – 08:03pm  International West End performing The Greatest Showman Hits
08:03pm – 08:10pm Competition “Do you know The Greatest Showman Lines?”
08:10pm – 08:40pm International West End Concert
10:35pm – 12:00am DJ, Games and Competitions

★ Saturday, 19th October ★

04:00pm – 04:05pm Welcome
04:05pm – 04:20pm Mascots Show
04:20pm – 04:45pm Magic Phil
04:50pm – 05:20pm Supernovas – Movie tunes & Rock n Roll classics
05:20pm – 05:30pm Fancy Dress Competition
05:30pm – 06:00pm Magic Phil
06:00pm – 08:10pm Movie: Beauty & the Beast
08:10pm – 8:45pm Supernovas – Movie tunes & Rock n Roll classics
08:45pm- 11:50pm Movie: Avengers: End Game
11:50pm – 12:00am DJ